Back to School

A new school year is here and summer is coming to an end.  We hope everyone is adjusting well but we know it is tough to get back in the school routine. Whether your child is new to school or heading to high school we wanted to put some helpful tips together to make back to school an easy transition! Getting to school may be different for each family. Whether your child walks, bikes or takes the bus here are some tips:

  • If walking– use sidewalks and crosswalks. Always look both ways. Do not walk while texting, have headphones in or on the phone. Stay alert. It is recommended children younger than 10 years old be accompanied by an adult when walking to school.
  • If biking– ALWAYS wear a helmet. Ride single file on the right side of the road. Use hand signals.
  • If taking the bus– Stay away from the curb at the bus stop. Wait for the bus to completely stop before getting on. Always sit face forward. Wear seatbelts if available.