Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is in full swing. We hope each of you were safe and your property left undamaged by Hurricane Dorian, but the brunt of hurricane season is not over yet. The time to be prepared is now. Here are a few tips we put together to help before and after the storm.

Preparation is key!

We know hurricanes can often seem light-years of buildup but  stay vigilant of local officials and reports, have a plan, keep supplies on hand that can be quickly taken upon evacuation if needed, keep important documents in a safe place and bring along if needed, and most importantly head warnings. It is always better to be safe, than sorry!

The storm is over, now what?

The aftermath of a storm can be a difficult time. Allstate can help you and your family get back to normal as quickly as possible. When it is safe to return home, call us. We can help walk you through filing a claim.  Once your claim is filed, Allstate has resources to help with recovery. Whether you experienced flooding or other damages we can help you navigate the next steps to get you and your family back on track!